Model train animation vignettes are controlled by motors with various voltage and current requirements.

Specs for Motors
mine shaft : AC motor
bath scrubber : DC 12V
windmill : DC 5V
tire swing : DC 12V
round house train : DC
round house turntable : 24V
round house welder : DC 3-5V
cop/robber cart : AC 14V
outhouse : DC 5V
Coal Dump : AC 14V
Oil Rig : DC 5V

Our goal was to implement push buttons to each vignette to allow for a 30 second animation. Instead of running various extension cords and long wires to each vignette, we used 3 Museduino Shields along with 10 satellite Boards. This setup allowed us to have the main shields connected to power behind the installation and 20ft away from the animation controls.