The Museduino is a Arduino-pin-compatible shield with a connectivity system and remote sensor/actuator modules using standard CAT5/RJ45 patch-cord cabling.

A set of pins on the foundation board has jumpers so that the dedicated serial-communication pins can be used for inter-microcontroller communication if desired. Power is distributed via the CAT5 cabling to all sensor/actuators. Cables can be as long or short as needed.

Many microcontroller boards have Arduino-compatible connection headers. To name a few:

  • Freesccale K-series boards
  • Redbearlab nRF51822
  • Netduino
  • STmicro Nucleo boards
  • ChipKit boards
  • Seeed boards
  • Adafruit and Sparkfun variants
  • Intel Galileo
  • Beaglebone Black (with Arduino conversion Cape)

We’ll update the documentation with each version of the board. On 5/15 we printed version 1.7.1 – we made the labeling more clear for users, and fixed an early error in a ground trace. Starting with 1.5, each version update¬†will have a new haiku. It’s how we keep track of our progress!

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