Each Museduino Kit includes an Arduino Uno-pin-compatible shield (see here for other compatible boards) and three satellite boards: two Smorgasboards and one External Power board. The kit will also contain 3 CAT5/RJ45 cables and board documentation.

Complete documentation, video tutorials, sample circuits/code and schematics are all available on this site, and will be shared on Github.

Museduino kits are $100 and are assembled in our lab then shipped insured via USPS.

We’re working on version 3.0. We’ll post a paypal link soon, or email us if you want to get in the queue.

Also, let us know if you’d be interested in soldering your own set, you’ll get a 40% discount and we’ll hook you up with step by step instructions.

Have a project idea? We’ll let you know if its a good match for the Museduino! Also, if you’d like to get on the list to order a kit, let us know below.