Museduino will be implemented at Acadia National Park’s nature center. The Museduino set up will control an exhibit on marsh vs. shore life. A second exhibit on shorebirds will be controlled by Arduino. The exhibits will be open in the spring of 2016.

Shorebird Egg-Matching Game:
In this exhibit, visitors are invited to match a shorebird’s egg to its image. The egg is embedded with an RFID tag, which when read correctly, triggers the sound of the bird’s call. The wrong egg triggers a carnival “you’ve lost” clip. Each set is stand-alone, so highly motivated visitors can get a cacophony of north eastern shorebirds calling out.



Salt Marsh / Open Ocean:
In this exhibit, visitors approach a rail. To compare and contrast sounds of Marsh life and Open Ocean ecosystems, visitors will touch the left or right side of the rail.